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chain link fence in vancouver bc.

There are a number of things that you need to consider when you are building a chain link fence in vancouver bc.

The first thing you need to do is survey your property line to ensure you are installing the fence on your property.

Once you have the correct property line you are going to need to take accurate measurements. As your grandfather used to say make sure you measure twice.

Now choosing the right chain link fencing material is a bit more complicated. There is a bit of choice in chain link. Do you need the fence for a residential or commercial application. Do you want stainless steel, galvanized or black powder coated? Next you are going to need to consider the size of the mesh that you desire. A thicker mesh will make it easier to see through but not look as nice.  Some of the other uses of chain link fences are Perimeter security fence, baseball backstop, field fence and batting cage, tennis court fencing and soccer field fencing, dog kennels, dog runs, bicycle enclosure, gas meter enclosure, and transformer enclosure.

One of the main issues with chain link fencing is that people will have full access to see you in your yard.  This is a great thing if you want to see intruders, but not so good if you want privacy. In a recent renovation home we purchased, we had to convert a nice chain link into a wood fence due to the amount of traffic that started to come through the back alley.  This is a very important thing to consider when building the fence.  Is it going to stand the test of time.

There are ways to convert a chain link fence so tha you get more privacy however.  What you have to do is get what is called privacy panels.  Privacy panels come in shapes up to 6 feet in height.  So if your fence is shorter than that you are going to have a bit of an issue.  In that case what we would do is a build a wood fence over top of your chain link fence.

Whatever your need is we at One Stop Fencing have a solution. If you found this information helpful be sure to check us out online @

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Kitchen cabinets in your kitchen may get damaged or may start looking like old boxes if they have been in use for years. Though most of the people try to keep their home interiors perfectly finished and furnished with the latest accessories. But it is also a fact that with the passage of time and due to frequent usage, the cabinets may get a little bit old and need some treatment.

Kitchen cabinets

Treating your cabinets can be easy if you are familiar with the various ways of doing some improvements in them. There could be times when you may not find it easy to keep the cabinets and their surfaces clean enough and they still give a shaggy, worn out look. No matter how much you clean them up or keep them accessorized with décor items, they may not look like new.

This could be the time when you will either have to change them or remodel them using some new materials and replacing some of the parts where necessary.

Some of the conditions that result in a definite change and replacement of your kitchen cabinets are as below:

The cabinets are damaged

You may need to replace your kitchen cabinets for a number of reasons. But it is also a fact that replacing the cabinets could be tricky if you are not sure how you are going to do that. You will need to get professional help from expert remodeling services. The main reason for replacing your cabinets could be the damages cabinets when the doors are broken or your cabinets have been damaged due to excessive usage.

The cabinets have worn out surfaces

You may have your kitchen cabinets with worn out surfaces. The worn out surface gives a very bad effect and you will have to replace such cabinets as soon as you can. Worn out surfaces can be treated through resurfacing process but it only works if the damage is minor and you can cover it with veneers or paint. Else, if the surfaces are severely damaged, you should be replacing them for sure.

You need to improve the style and size

You may want to replace your cabinets when you have to remodel your kitchen and give it a new style and make a different sized cabinet structure. This will improve the overall look and will give you the option to increase or decrease the size of the cabinets and the area covered by them.

You need to have a modern look and design

One of the major reasons you may want to replace your kitchen cabinets is due to the fact, you need to get a modern look and replace the old designed cabinets. You can replace your cabinets with the help of professional remodelers.

These are some of the major causes of replacing the kitchen cabinets. Though, there could be many other reasons that may result in the replacement or removal of kitchen cabinets. It depends on the personal needs and the changing interior of the house. Most of the people are cautious about having a convenient and modern design in their kitchen cabinets. That is why remodeling, replacement, and renovation is a common practice in homes.

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Cabinets and wooden cupboards add style and elegance to the interior of our homes. If the cabinets are made to compliment the interior and overall design of your home, it may double the value of your home. It is also a fact that there are numerous ways and techniques which can be used to give a new look to your kitchen cabinets. Some people love to have simple and modern looking cabinets, while some need historical designs and styles from the past. No matter which style you prefer, you can bring innovation and beauty to make them unique and great looking anytime when you need.

cabinet refacing project

Most of the times when people need to give a new look to their interior, they tend to start from the kitchen cabinet refacing work.

Due to the fact, it is easier, offers flexibility and provides a number of options for you to apply and experiment.

In case you have planned a DIY project for refacing your kitchen cabinets, you will be very careful in doing so. It is important because when you are doing it yourself, you may not be able to make precise measurements or may miss out some details due to inexperience.

Here are a few things which can help you perform all tasks in a better and accurate manner.

Make sure you cut the materials accurately

The most important thing is that you should cut the materials which can be plywood and veneer, in a very careful way. The measurements should be made accurate and cut the pieces accordingly. In case you cannot cut or don’t have the correct tools to cut the materials and coatings in an accurate manner, you will not get the perfect finishing and it will give a negative effect on your cabinets.

Make sure you use the fast acting glue and apply carefully

Using quality glue is also important. Because it will make sure you will have a perfect finish and you will not have to fix the plywood and veneer again and again. The glue should be of high quality and fast acting to make sure it sticks the plywood and the veneer cutting firmly within seconds.

Don’t use thick or oversized nails

If you need to put in some nail to fix some heavy components on your cabinets, you should be using fine nails instead of huge sized nails. Thick nails can ruin the surface and will ruin the overall look of your finished cabinet.

Never leave the veneer un-pressed

Veneer coatings and tapes should be pressed properly. You can use the specific tool or a plain block of wood to smoothly but strongly press the surface on all sides. This will help you to get things fixed right on the spot without leaving any bubbles on the sheet.

Don’t hit the veneer using a hammer

Don’t use a hammer or hit the veneer using a hammer as it will put scratches on it. You may use a piece of plywood or wood to press the areas where needed.

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Kitchen counters are important components in kitchens of any type.  And you can find a number of different kinds of counter-tops for your kitchen settings. These different kinds of countertops come in various materials. You can easily find the most valuable countertop materials on the market, according to your needs and to the extent to which you want to maximize the value of your house.

counter tops

The materials that are used in making counter tops are elegantly designed and are made to fit a wide range of designs and interior settings.  It will be easy to use them as per your requirements.  They are available in many colors.  Some also have certain designs on them, they can be natural or artificially designed depending on the materials you are using and also the way you need to adjust the whole interior.

New kitchen counters add value to your house and may help you increase the value of your house in the following proven ways:

Give a fresh look

New kitchen counters can give your kitchen a fresh look so that you can leave your kitchen looking new. You can replace your old, worn out counters with new, fresh, and modern-looking kitchen counters to bring a better feel to your interior.

Bring in color and vitality

Kitchen counters are available in various colors and materials like quartz, glass, granite, and wood, so you can add color and vitality to give a new look in your kitchen.

Helps you personalize your kitchen interior

By using various materials and colors in your kitchen counters, you can personalize your kitchen according to your taste and requirements. You can give your kitchen any kind of look that you want to; for example, you can use wood countertops, granite countertops, laminate countertops, etc.

Add beauty and elegance

New colors and unique materials in kitchen counters can add value, beauty, and elegance in a much modernized way. You can use various colors and designs to make sure your kitchen looks the best.

Help you define your theme of color

You may use the same color tiles, granite, or laminate.  You call also mix up with various colors and materials to give a new look to your kitchen.

Give you an easy-to-maintain counter top

Most of the new counter-top materials come with high-class finishing. And due to this, you can expect very easy cleaning and maintenance. Mostly because they are finished perfectly and will not have open pores and cracks that may ruin the look and the finish of the countertop.

All these benefits and valuable advantages of installing a new countertop in your kitchen surely give you a reason to install a new countertop in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, when you are planning to remodel your house, or only the kitchen, you must know the importance of having quality products available.   This is done to make sure your efforts will not be wasted, and you will be able to create the excellent interior design that you desire.

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Top 5 Pro Tips for Your Kitchen Cabinet Painting Project

The kitchen is an essential part of the house as this is where the goal of keeping our families healthy originates. A clean and fresh kitchen space is the first step to having a healthy and happy family, thereby cementing the importance of the kitchen in our homes. And when it comes to having nice kitchens, it is important to have beautiful cabinets.

Painted kitchen cabinets

When you notice that you have a worn out kitchen cabinet, you should change it, but this can be expensive. A less costly option would be to redo the cabinet, making it look new. You can achieve this with a simple cabinet painting job; your kitchen will get a brand new look and at the same time complementing your home decor.


You can give these pro painting tips a try:


1) Remove the shelving, doors, drawers, and hardware from the cabinet structure. Clean the cabinet surfaces with mineral spirits applied using a clean and soft cloth. Trisodium phosphate can also do the trick in removing oil stains, wax, grime, and other stains. These need to be eliminated as paint won’t set correctly on a greasy and dirty surface.


2) Even out the finished surfaces by sanding them lightly. If the cabinet surface has some grooves or dents, you can also use a wood filler to smoothen the surface out. Finish the sanding process by wiping out the dust with a clean cloth.


3) Select a primer that is suitable for the type of surface you have, may it be metal, wood, or laminate. The primer should also match the color of the top coat; dye it if necessary. Use a primer that is stain blocking for glossy surfaces. Tight grain woods such as maple or cherry, oil-based primers that are slow drying work best. Open-grained woods like mahogany, ash, oak, and hickory stand out best with thick coatings of oil-based primers. Use a nylon brush to apply the primer. Don’t neglect to caulk open seams.

Remodeld kitchen

4) Start painting the cabinets only when the primer has completely dried off. A good place to start is the doors since one side has to dry first before you do the other side. Apply no less than two coats of paints. Allow the first coating to dry completely, and then sand this painted surface lightly before applying the second coat. Don’t forget to stir the paint thoroughly and use a paint try when you do a painting job such as this.


5) Once the paint has been applied and dried off completely on all cabinet surfaces, reattach the shelves, doors, and drawers back. Keep in mind to reattach them to their original positions.


You don’t have to stick to one color to repaint your cabinets. There are no rules against mixing up your favorite colors in cabinet painting. Use your creativity in selecting a color or color combination that will make your cabinets look much better. While DIY cabinet painting is an option, you can also get a professional to do it, especially if you don’t have the time or inclination.

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